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Members of the Wenzhou Friendship Society, started by 300 families who emigrated to British Columbia from the port city of Wenzhou in China, have donated $30,000 to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank for community assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 20th, the society made an online plea for funds which resulted in 100 families donating more than $50,000 in one day. A support hotline manned by volunteers used some of the money to pay for medical protective supplies including N95 masks, gloves and medication for those in need. The remaining money has gone to the food bank.

“We feel it is every Canadian’s responsibility to help and support each other,” says Wenzhou Friendship Society president Mr. Zhu Jian Guo. “We would like to challenge other similar societies to join us and follow in our footsteps to donate to worthy causes during this difficult time.”

Greater Vancouver Food Bank president and CEO David Long says his organization’s buying power can often triple the value of food purchased. “This gift is absolutely incredible and comes at a time of great need,” he says.

The Wenzhou Friendship Society was established to provide support and assistance to new immigrants to Canada and provide a platform for members to give back to the community as a show of gratitude for their new life in Canada.

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