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Sam Piercy, CFP presents the Better Banking for Building Wealth seminar.

Register Below for this FREE Special live 6-hour Better Banking Event in Chilliwack!

What if a fresh perspective on money was the answer to the questions you didn’t even know how to ask?

You will discover existing opportunities to live generously – for yourself, your family, community and future generations!

Did you know…

Much of our conventional financial thinking fuels poverty?
You can use everyday financial tools, like banking, credit, insurance, savings, investing, tax, real estate, and more to get out of debt and build your wealth?
You can build wealth and realize dreams beyond what you can currently ask or think possible?
Interest rates are important, but how they?re calculated is more important.
Retirement savings is almost a financial impossibility.
Cash value life insurance is your safest, most flexible asset.
Credit cards are the most important financial tool today
Immediate tax savings is a set up for long term tax liability.
Wealth is created by owning assets, not selling them.
Budgets are not restrictive unless you leave out the connection to build a cash flow model to meet any short term personal or business project.

Some of the ideas you will discover and explore in this seminar…

How to manage your money efficiently.
How to prevent ‘fear-based’ decision-making.
How to effectively manage credit to eliminate debt.
How to leverage small amounts of money to build wealth quicker.
How to build a solid foundation by renewing your financial beliefs.
How the financial system is designed to keep people poor and in bondage.
During the event, Sam will be offering the full Better Banking Course online training and workbook packaged with an annual membership to the Mentor program for $100/year or  $10/month

For people who aren’t able to attend the live event, they can access a recording of the event by becoming a member of the mentorship program.

The full online Better Banking Course by itself is available for purchase at a pre-release price of $79.

The seminar will be held at Chilliwack Victory Church, 9525 College St., Chilliwack, BC  on Sat. Oct 27 from 10 am to 5 pm 

Lunch/seminar by donation but pre-registration is required to receive an Event Manual at the door.

To register go here:

Sam Piercy, CFP
Sam is the author and founder of the of the MoneyMinding for Financial Grace Method and Materials.She has a professional finance background and devotes her to time to training, speaking, writing and counselling. She counsels clients, ministry leaders, and Christian Financial Professionals on financial systems to build and protect income for today and future generations! She has been serving clients all over Canada for over twenty years. Learn more about Sam at
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