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Calgary-based progressive digital healthcare services company providing innovative technologies to improve access to care and ensure public safety

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Uncomplicated Family™ Group, an international digital health company, is making its innovative healthcare solutions available for communities around the globe to improve quality of life. With the global pandemic continuing to impact how individuals access social and healthcare services, The Uncomplicated Family™ is providing content and platforms for patients, clients and clinicians to ensure high quality, secure and safe social services and healthcare service delivery.

Working with government organizations for over ten years to increase access to health services, The Uncomplicated Family™ provides revolutionary digital health technologies that enable higher quality care to improve quality of life, particularly for society’s most vulnerable citizens. With revolutionary collaboration software tools, therapy support apps and mobile accessible games, The Uncomplicated Family™ is transforming the face of healthcare and social services at a crucial time for Canadians.

“As healthcare professionals, business owners and families try to navigate the challenges of a global pandemic, the importance of digital connectivity is key to maximizing the quality of our daily lives,” said The Uncomplicated Family™ Group Founder and CEO Robyn Woods. “Our digital health platforms create a world standard for healthcare provision in these crucial times and enable individuals to access the social services, connections and healthcare they need.”

Innovative digital health tools, such as those provided by Teleroo World® and Kids Digital Health™ as part of The Uncomplicated Family Corporate Group, are backed by science and research to help those impacted by COVID-19.

The award-winning Teleroo World® suite of software tools is designed to provide clinicians, service providers, and individuals with the care they deserve in a collaborative environment that optimizes care and support. This low-cost solution safely and securely connects users with those they trust most: their own care team. Teleroo World® puts patients’ health, well-being and privacy first and is easily accessed on smartphones, tablets or computers.

Kids Digital Health™ is built on the world standard for kids’ games with safe and age appropriate games and apps that are demonstrated to improve memory and attention. These “serious games” are designed to support healthy brain development and are supported by extensive research and scientific evaluation. As children’s educational access is impacted by COVID-19, this resource provides parents with instant access to a library of engaging games with key benefits for the improvement and development of their children’s brains.

“The impact of COVID-19 is being layered on to the most vulnerable members of our community — children with disabilities, the elderly, people with chronic care conditions, those already living in isolation,” said Woods. “Leadership is required from both the private and public sectors to ensure we can optimize healthcare delivery by integrating digital solutions that could significantly improve the lives of our most vulnerable members of society.”

Since 2006, The Uncomplicated Family™ Group has helped thousands of patients worldwide and is on track to fulfill its vision of enhancing the quality of life for more than one billion people worldwide. The Uncomplicated Family™ Group’s proprietary solutions are available to any healthcare provider exploring digital service delivery to reduce travel and ensure public safety. For more information on Teleroo World®, please visit For more information on the Kids Digital Health™ platform, please visit


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