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Today, Monday August 19, 2019, the Honorable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, announced that funding, up to $3,998,760, has been approved – through the Pathway to Canada Target 1 Challenge component of the Canada Nature Fund – for the Tahltan Central Government project:  Establishing Tahltan Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas Through the Tahltan Nation Land Use Planning Process.

Over the last two decades, Tahltan territory has seen unprecedented levels of resource development and exploration. The process of creating the Tahltan Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas will allow the Tahltan Central Government to further define and enact Tahltan Stewardship in Tahltan territory, decrease uncertainty for resource partners, industry, businesses, and government agencies while assisting in advancing protection and conservation measures to ensure that areas of importance to Tahltan, including key habitat for species at risk including Woodland Caribou and Pacific Salmon, are maintained for future generations.

Environment and Climate Change Canada has communicated to the Tahltan Central Government that it wishes to continue building on the progress that has been made in creating new areas to conserve Canada’s rich natural heritage and looks forward to beginning discussions on the details of the Tahltan Central Government’s project and the contribution agreement right away.

The Tahltan Central Government is encouraged by this support from Environment and Climate Change Canada as it will allow the important work on reconciliation we are advancing with the Province of British Columbia and Canada to move forward at a faster pace. Stewardship and land use planning are key pillars in the process of reconciliation and creating economic certainty for the Tahltan Nation, the Province of British Columbia and Canada.

The Tahltan Central Government’s Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area project is a significant opportunity for implementing protection and conservation mechanisms for areas identified as having significant cultural, ecological and sustenance value for Tahltan people through the Tahltan Land Stewardship Planning process.


“The Tahltan Central Government would like to thank Minister McKenna and the federal government for their support as we continue to work towards advancing reconciliation on our land base for the benefit of the Tahltan and Canadian people. This is an important step forward that will assist in bringing improved stewardship and economic certainty to Tahltan territory.

 Christine Creyke, Tahltan Central Government Land Director, and her team continue to break new ground and make history in the Tahltan Central Government’s quest to ensure that the health, well-being and integrity of our land base is protected for generations to come.”

Chad Norman Day, President of the Tahltan Central Government

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