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As Planting Season Gets Underway, This Organization is Launching a Campaign to Sow Better Seeds for Canada’s Future

Pandemic sheds light on need for a more self-sufficient Canadian food supply and the time to start the process is now, says non-profit SeedChange

With spring planting season upon us, SeedChange – a non-profit organization that works with farmers in Canada and around the world to save seeds and grow food sustainably – has launched a public education campaign to help ensure a more resilient Canadian food supply post-COVID-19.

“It’s no secret that the coronavirus is impacting Canada’s food supply,” said Jane Rabinowicz, Executive Director of SeedChange. “Covid-19 has revealed the importance of being prepared for crisis, and we need to learn from this and increase seed production to improve our country’s food security – and the time to start is now.”

To this end, SeedChange – which has a proven track record of helping farmers worldwide grow resilient crops using locally-adapted seeds – is rolling out its programming with farmers coast to coast to continue improving Canada’s seed security during the pandemic, with positive results. The organization is enlisting more than 200 farmers across the country this summer to grow sustainable local vegetable seed crops, save seeds at risk of extinction, promote biodiversity, and breed new seed varieties best suited for local climate and soil conditions.

Rabinowicz emphasized that there are also actions Canadians can take to contribute to a more secure and sustainable food system, from supporting local farmers to planting their own vegetable gardens. To jumpstart the process, SeedChange and its partners have made a SeedFinder database available to help the public purchase locally adapted vegetable seeds from farmers in their region. The response to date has been explosive, Rabinowicz said, with the organization and its partners receiving hundreds of public inquiries daily.

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