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Submitted. The year 2017 is an exciting one for many reasons. Firstly, as Phantom Screen’s fellow Canadians know, it is their nation’s 150th birthday and they are excited to join citizens across the country in celebration. The British Columbian company is especially excited because they too are reaching a milestone this year. On July 2nd 25

On July 2nd 25 years ago, Phantom’s unique retractable screen design was conceived in a small garage here in Abbotsford.
Today, they remain innovators in their field and continue to stand by their remarkable products, customer service, and culture of stewardship. To recognize this important date, while paying homage both to Canada’s 150th birthday and their own corporate values, they have partnered with Habitat for Humanity and are planning to raise $150,000 in support of the “Carter Work Project 2017”.

Habitat for Humanity’s vision is, simply, “A world where everyone has a decent place to live” and they pursue this by “bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope”. As a dedicated partner and volunteer of Habitat’s for over thirty years, former American president and first lady, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, plan to build 150 homes across all Canadian provinces and territories in July of 2017. This will become Habitat Canada’s largest build project to date. Supporting the Carters in this initiative is Phantom Screens, who continue to “practice good stewardship” as their core values suggest.

Since the company’s inception 25 years ago, they have held fast to these esteemed values. “We’re not just thinking about ourselves and about Phantom Screens. Our ambition is to positively affect people’s lives and make a difference. How we act as a corporation is more than just about making money. It’s about our
community.” While they approach their 25th anniversary on July 2nd, they stay true to this claim by not only celebrating themselves, but by diligently working towards their $150,000 goal for Habitat Canada. Their team has not only contributed financially to this goal, but have volunteered their time as well. A few employees will even be travelling across Canada to build homes alongside Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter this summer.

The organization remains grateful for the good fortune they’ve experienced over the past 25 years and plans to continue to use their success to help others in their community, nation, and around the world. Phantom is excited to mark a quarter century of wonderful business. They look forward to July 2nd and all that this day represents.

About Phantom Screens
North America’s leading provider of retractable screens, Phantom Screens® offers insect protection, solar shading, temperature control and enhanced privacy for doorways, windows, and large openings such as patios, verandas, and lanais. Phantom retractable screens are designed to pull into place when required and retract out-of-sight when not in use. Every Phantom screen is professionally installed and backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind.

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