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Sumeet Sharma is a member of the Canadian Powerlifting Team. He visited the Abbotsford Regional Hospital on May 18th with donations of water and food supplies.

Said Sharma, “As you know Abbotsford hospital recently has an outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

I’m a member of team Canada for powerlifting. My team is consisted of a local Indian Restaurant based in Vancouver and a supplement store that is in Surrey. Both of these sponsors of mine help me donate food supplies to a local hospital each week.  The Sharma family and the Chawla family with Raga Restaurant, and Supplement King in Surrey donated water bottles, Indian food,  snack bars, and coffee to the ICU unit of Abby Hospital.
We went to Abby hospital yesterday to donate food supplies to the healthcare workers of Abby Hospital.
By talking to the coordinators at each hospital, you can tell that they are low on supplies. I’m hoping once viewers hear this story they will be willing to donate food supplies, masks , or gloves to the workers.
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