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November 5, 2018—Vancouver, BC—Destination BC is seeking applicants for its Tourism Marketing Committee (TMC) for terms beginning January 1, 2019. Interested applicants should possess the following experience and skills, to complement those of the current members:

  • Experience with tourism marketing on a global, national, and/or provincial scale, demonstrating a thorough understanding of tourism issues, sectors, and opportunities

Plus, at least one of the following as an area of specific expertise:

  • Digital/online marketing experience, with a particular focus on data-driven and programmatic marketing.
  • International marketing experience, with a particular focus on China.
  • An operator/owner of a tourism business based in BC.

Committee members are expected to work collaboratively with others, for the benefit of tourism province-wide, in a fully transparent and accountable process, and contribute to Destination BC’s marketing objectives in a meaningful way, including prioritizing time for committee meetings and review of materials. Destination BC and regional representatives will evaluate qualified applicants and bring forward recommended nominations to Destination BC’s Board of Directors for consideration.

Members of the committee will have their travel expenses, related to TMC meetings, reimbursed. Members will not receive compensation for meetings. More information about the TMC and its terms of reference can be found here.

Application Process

Each application must include the completed Application Form, including a resumé and any other supporting documents the candidate feels are relevant to this process. Applications must be received no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, November 23, 2018. Please submit your Application Form to:

About Destination BC:

Destination BC is an industry-led Crown corporation that works collaboratively with tourism stakeholders across the province to coordinate marketing at the international, provincial, regional and local levels. For more information about Destination BC’s programs and services, please visit:

Media Relations

Destination British Columbia


Destination BC established an industry-based Tourism Marketing Committee (TMC) in 2013, as outlined in the Destination BC Corp. Act, to provide advice to the Corporation’s Board of Directors and CEO on:

  • Marketing strategies for Destination BC
  • Aligning Destination BC’s marketing strategies with tourism marketing programs across the province
  • Assessing the performance of Destination BC’s tourism marketing programming, and the performance of the tourism sector (particularly against key competitors)

The Committee comprises up to 21 members:

  • Eighteen regionally based members, three from each of British Columbia’s six tourism regions
  • One member nominated by the Indigenous Tourism Association of British Columbia (ITBC)
  • Up to two additional members appointed by the Destination BC Board in consultation with RDMOs, if necessary to ensure that a broad cross-section of the tourism industry is represented on the Committee.

Collectively, TMC members must have the necessary range of skills and experience, regional and sector perspectives, and marketing knowledge to provide valued, strategic marketing advice to the CEO and Board.

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