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To read the latest Abbotsford Police Department Press Release simply click here.

From the APD website: “The Abbotsford Police Department is an open and transparent organization. It is fully committed to keeping you informed on topics of public interest and how your police department is working to keep you safe. Through its Public Information Officer(s) (PIO), Cst. Ian MacDonald and Cst. Paul Walker, the APD communicates to the public in a variety of ways. In addition to the APD website, the department communicates through media (print, radio, television, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter), the Annual Community Report, and Community Information Forums.”

“A large part of the PIO’s responsibility is to respond to the thousands of media enquiries the department receives every year. The APD believes in a proactive media approach and cooperates fully with all reasonable and lawful requests. The department recognizes the media plays an integral role in keeping the public informed and as safe as possible. In addition to providing information with respect to ongoing investigations the media can be helpful in finding missing persons, identifying/locating suspects, and disseminating public warnings issued by police regarding a particular risk. The APD responds to numerous phone calls and e-mails from the media everyday and issues over 150 news releases every year.”

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