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The Honda Way dealership in Abbotsford is leading the way for a greener future as it recently received a Gold Standard through Honda Canada’s Green Dealer Recognition Program. The Abbotsford dealership is the first across Canada to reach Gold-level status. The dealership has reduced its operational energy usage by 30 per cent since joining the program.

The Green Dealer Recognition Program is designed to support our brand, our dealers and their communities as we continue to push the boundaries of sustainability. Honda Canada has set up a tiered recognition system with three achievement levels – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Abbotsford dealership achieved Gold status through a number of energy-saving initiatives, including:

  • Installation of a water-efficient car wash
  • Storm water runoff detention pond
  • Interior and exterior LEDs and lighting controls
  • Seven-day programmable thermostats
  • Environmentally safe car wash soap
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