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CHILLIWACK – 85 years ago, Rotary came to Chilliwack. The Rotary Club of Chilliwack is celebrating this occasion by planting at least 85 trees this fall and is providing opportunities for the community to take part and dedicate trees to commemorate special people.

Club President Michael Berger said, “We’re excited to offer this opportunity to the people of Chilliwack. We think that people will love having a tree that they can watch grow and change with the seasons, and that they will be able to commemorate a special person in their life.”

For only $185, community members can choose from a list of trees and locations, and use it to honour a loved one by planting an 85 FOR 85 tree.

The City of Chilliwack, School District # 33, Sto:lo Nation, the University of the Fraser Valley, and the Ministry of Forests are all contributing suitable public space to plant trees, and Rotary is approaching businesses to determine if there is more suitable space for trees.  Cannor Nursery is providing the trees and has significantly discounted the price in order to make the trees affordable.

“Trees are an important part of beautifying our community, and they are important resources for birds and other wildlife. They also help mitigate the effects of climate change by producing more oxygen and sequestering carbon”, said Debora Soutar, 85 FOR 85 project chair.

As a tree patron, you may choose to participate in the actual planting or have one of the Rotary volunteers do it. Plantings will take place on selected weekends in October and November, along with some in Spring 2020.

After planting, the trees will be have a watering bag attached, and will be cared and maintained for the first two years after planting.  As well, Rotarians will digitally record the planted trees with their GPS coordinates, species, the patron’s name, and dedication details.

This database will be available in an app to allow any one interested in visiting a specific tree more information.

For more information or to purchase an 85 FOR 85 tree, please go to

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