The Otesha Project Is Coming to Town!

By on September 19, 2013
othesa project

Submitted. A group of 13 young people from across the country will be pedalling into Abbotsford on September 20th, as part of a 1000km cycling tour of the hilly West Coast. They are volunteer embassadors for environmental sustainability and social justice on wheels, performing a play entitled ”Cycling Through Change” in parks and schools.

The Otesha Project is a youth led charitable organization that seeks to use theatre, workshops and cycling tours to bring conversations about sustainable lifestyles and consumer choices into the mainstream of Canadian culture.

Othega west coast tour

From the Otesha website: Cycling Through Change

Our interactive, documentary-style theatre piece follows three young people as they grapple with “being the change they want to see in the world”, each in their own way (Gandhi).

The comedic cast of high-energy performers use their own bodies as props to create a hilarious take on serious environmental and social justice issues that gets audiences talking and laughing.

The performers involve the audience in creating everyday solutions to global issues, and people leave the 45 minute performance inspired to act on their ideas.

Geared for audiences 12-18 years old, but guaranteed to start conversation among elementary students and older folks as well.

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