January 8, 2019 in Health, Life

Raise Funds While Raising Your Heart Rate

Abbotsford, BC - Fun Run meets Obstacle Race; Step Up 4 Cardiac Health Event is your next fitness challenge! February…
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December 17, 2018 in Homelessness, Life

STOMP Out Hunger in Abbotsford this Holiday Season!

Abbotsford Centre teams up with STOMP, THE international percussion SENSATION to ‘STOMP OUT HUNGER’ IN ABBOTSFORD! ABBOTSFORD, BC (December 17,…
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December 16, 2018 in Health, Life

Alzheimer’s Awareness campaign challenges stigma for Abbotsford residents living with dementia

On January 7, residents of Abbotsford will be invited to participate in Alzheimer's Awareness Month, a national campaign aiming to…
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December 6, 2018 in Health, Life

It’s A Wonderful Breakfast

Abbotsford, BC – Sevenoaks Shopping Centre’s Merry and Bright was a nearly packed house as Abbotsford gathered to enjoy breakfast,…
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November 14, 2018 in Health, Life

Abbotsford Woman Receives Prestigious Award from the MS Society

Abbotsford – For 34 years, Abbotsford resident Joanne Craven has lived with multiple sclerosis (MS). Instead of letting her diagnosis…
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November 13, 2018 in Health, Life

No One in Abbotsford Should Have to Face the Dementia Journey Alone

Alzheimer's disease and other dementias affect thousands of British Columbians, but asking for or receiving the diagnosis can be challenging…
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November 12, 2018 in Life, Travel

Destination BC Tourism Marketing Committee: Call for Applications

November 5, 2018—Vancouver, BC—Destination BC is seeking applicants for its Tourism Marketing Committee (TMC) for terms beginning January 1, 2019.…
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September 15, 2018 in Life, Pets

Lameness First Aid Considerations

By Dr. I. Elizabeth Borgmann. We have already talked about lameness involving trauma to the feet. In this article we…
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May 28, 2018 in Technology

NASA’s building new tools to manage water as climate dangers grow

After years of measuring California’s Sierra snowpack from the air, the agency is now developing similar systems for space. Source:…
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May 25, 2018 in Technology

Yes, Alexa is recording mundane details of your life, and it’s creepy as hell

I’m not kicking our smart speaker out of the house just yet, but the consequences of having it in my…
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May 24, 2018 in Technology

How to get blockchains to talk to each other

If blockchains are really going to give us the internet of money, they’ll need to work together. Source: MIT
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May 24, 2018 in Technology

California is throttling back record levels of solar—and that’s bad news for climate goals

Without big changes, the oversupply of renewables will stall efforts to overhaul the power sector. Source: MIT
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May 23, 2018 in Technology

The US military is funding an effort to catch deepfakes and other AI trickery

But DARPA’s technologists admit that it might be a losing battle. Source: MIT
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November 27, 2017 in Health, Life

How To Safely Dispose Of Unused Or Expired Drugs

PHARMASAVE SAFELY DISPOSES OF YOUR UNUSED OR EXPIRED DRUGS  Ensure that unwanted prescriptions don’t pose a risk to you and…
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