Interaction Exhibit In Chilliwack

By on August 30, 2017

Submitted.  “INTERACTION” an exhibit presented by the well known local artists Heinz and Lois Klassen, will begin on the 14th September, and will run until the 21st October, the O’Connor Group Art Gallery in the Cultural Centre at 9201 Corbould Street, Chilliwack. Showings are Wednesdays thru Saturdays from 12 noon until 5 pm. An opening reception will be held to meet the artists on Saturday the 14th September from 1pm to 3 pm. Everybody is welcome to attend, and admission is free.

Heinz and Lois Klassen are a husband and wife team who work together to each express their individual chosen medium by each looking to the other for encouragement and collaboration.

Heinz works includes drawing objects which express his unique vision of the world around him by re-imagining natural objects in a fresh way. Small sculptures, constructions and drawings are combined and arranged into an assembled environment within the Gallery space.

Lois’s quilts are designed to be hung on a wall, and appreciated as one would view a painting. Lois employs a variety of techniques encompassing both traditional fabrics in her one of-a kind quilts, and nontraditional (for quilts); surface design including oil stick rubbing, and thread couching.

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