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Tahltan Territory’s remote location makes this region of British Columbia amongst the most vulnerable in Canada. With limited healthcare facilities, a lack of adequate RCMP resources, and large numbers of Elders, COVID-19 is a grave threat that the Tahltan Nation takes extremely seriously.

The closest hospital from Tahltan Territory is approximately 600kms away. We have a limited amount of aircraft, airport infrastructure, and pilots available for any emergency medical evacuations. Our clinics have very limited staff, that we desperately need for our local communities and Tahltan people. In fact, there is no longer a functional pharmacy in Tahltan Territory during this time.

Therefore, the Tahltan Nation is respectfully asking that all hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and all non-residents, to refrain from visiting Tahltan Territory or any Tahltan communities during this time. Only those providing essential services or strictly following approved COVID-19 prevention measures should be going to Tahltan Territory and only if they have no other option.

The Tahltan Central Government’s Wildlife Department and our Wildlife Guardians will be patrolling Tahltan Territory and asking all visitors to follow appropriate procedures or leave if they choose to ignore the Provincial Health Officer COVID-19 guidelines.


“The Tahltan Nation is asserting our title and rights and respectfully asking all hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and non-residents to refrain from travelling to Tahltan Territory during COVID-19. In order to protect our communities, the Tahltan Nation encourage everyone in British Columbia to engage in all recreational activities where they reside.”

Chad Norman Day, President of the Tahltan Central Government

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