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Provincial Election – Candidate Interviews

As we complete interviews with election candidates, we will be posting them below. Check back often!

Bruce Banman, BC Liberal Candidate
Abbotsford South

Preet Rai, BC NDP Candidate
Abbotsford West

Laura-Lynn Thompson, BC CHP
Abbotsford South

Aeriol Alderking, BC CHP
Abbotsford Mission

Trevor Hamilton, BC Conservative Party
Abbotsford Mission

Don’t see a candidate above?

We reached out on multiple occasions by email, to invite all candidates in all 3 Abbotsford Ridings to take part in these interviews.  We had scheduling conflicts with Pam Alexis. Of the remaining candidates, no one replied. When attempting to send email to Mike de Jong, his Liberal Party email address was broken and replied with “unknown user”. His web site is also broken. A Green Party candidate, Stephen Fowler, emailed us to complain how they weren’t featured in our print edition, but failed to respond to Zoom interview requests. There were some candidates that had no contact information whatsoever available. Searches on Google, Facebook, etc turned up no results. Even their own party web sites failed to provide contact information. While you may choose to ignore this information when you vote, it is important for you to know as we believe every candidate should earn your vote. The least they can do is provide you, the voter, with contact information.